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The 2018-19 Cheerleaders are:  Bonnie Isbill

                                                                        Monique Lucero

                                                                        Triniti Tucker

                                                                        Emmilee Hughes

                                                                        Eden Hawk

                                                                        Kadynn Brannon



These young ladies have been leading the cheers for the Coker Creek Chargers this year and doing a great job!  We were lucky enough to have a short cheer camp with the Tellico Bears Cheerleaders early in the year, which helped their good skills become better.  They Bears’ Cheerleaders also taught us some new cheers and a few stunts. 

As the season progresses, the Chargers’ Cheer Squad continues to get better, cheering and supporting the Chargers, and being wonderful ambassadors for Coker Creek Elementary School and its community. 

While the teams are taking a couple of weeks off to heal from injuries and illness, the CCES Cheerleaders are working to get ready for coming games and the much anticipated HOMECOMING !  Stay tuned for pictures….